A Smart Semantic Search Engine and Platform for Systematic Understanding Your Subject and Many More

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"We believe user data must be used only for the sake of improving user experience, and not for increasing company's revenue."

- Sen Yang, CEO

Our AI explained

We work with top computer and data scientists to develop and implement advanced algorithms and trained machines to reduce human efforts on search complexity and biases in the systematic literature search which is paramount important for users to be concentrated on contributing to knowledge and other positive impacts.

How AI works

You partly completed document will be processed against the similarity with the embedding of all references/journal articles our database can access or extracted through APIs provided by publishers. BERT, a powerful embedding method we use, is advanced through hierarchically redevelopment and replacement of other models to overcome its token number limit.

The Community

We have tools in the toolbox. Now let’s build a sustainable online community where we nurture members to creatively and collectively learn and contribute to envision challenges future generation will face and created by us solving today’s problems.

The modern world and society we live now is heavily manipulated by social and mass media through eye catching titles, fake news, biased reports, misinterpreted data and statistics. The negative impact of ‘Medemic’ on our society and losses made are no less than the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

We are obligated to make some changes (even just a tiny bit) when we realise that the work we have been working on somehow can be altered to deal with such issues, if, only if, you are fully on board (then we can all in).


Step 1

Gather and scrap useful data for your task. Download our extension from Google Chrome Store and start to save a whole internet article or desired text only. Once you save an article, this will generate automatically a reference in our system and will be attached to the reference list at the end of the final document.

Step 2

Clean read and helpful annotations. We provide a very clean interface for reading which at the same time has a toolkit that allows you to highlight important bits of the text with a range of pre-defined tags or personalised ones.

Step 3

Start building your final document using our text editor. This text editor allows you to write and read at the same time. Maximize your productivity and originality using our two powerful tools, cross-referencing and similarity check.

Step 4

Once you finished your work, you can export the final result into PDF file or Word Document file, which automatically includes all the references used in the task.

The superb Team

Sen Yang, Co-founder and CEO

Jesus Copado Espejo, Co-founder and CTO

Steven Wu, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Executive

Xingyi Song, Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Binxiao Zhang, Co-founder and Creative Director

Advisory Board

Associate Professor Wing Lam, Product and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Ying Zhao, Entrepreneurial Finance and Analytics

Emeritus Professor Gary Davis, Statistics and Business Analytics

Professor Kelvin Leong, Financial Technology and Engineering

Mr. Graham Shapiro, CEO, GSD Design, Mentor